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European Times. Europe in constant evolution.

Europe is in constant evolution. European media is more focused on national priorities and while a European identity is being developed-it is a slow process. European Times aims to be a new experiment and project, by young European writers to bring to you a point of view of the Union, with the hope that in the coming years Europe unites, not just politically but also culturally and as a people. We believe in democracy and human rights, we believe in sustainability and climate change. We believe that we should constantly challenge our values and our societies to promote liberal values. We are a new generation of Europeans who believes that Europe has a special, important place in the global order, one which stands for and will stand for justice, equality and peace.

We do not offer any compensation for articles. Would you like to write for us? Email us your piece at Please include your name, a four line CV and a picture, in the case we decide to publish your piece we will use it and email you. You may not hear from us, thats only because of the volume of work we have.

We do not aim to infringe copyright or not provide credit. In our startup phase, we may gloss over details-for this we apologise. In case of any such discrepancy, please write to us at