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US-India relations: Sibal alleges mediatic manipulation

A controversial article in the Financial Times (FT) puts US-India relations at risk, detailing an FBI-thwarted plot to assassinate the known terrorist Gurpatwant Singh Pannun on US soil by suspected Indian agents has garnered attention in the...

Afghanistan’s economy on a cliff, Taliban claims debunked

In its two years of rule the Taliban has managed to take Afghanistan's economy on a cliff and the country continues to grapple with severe economic challenges, making it one of the world's poorest nations with high humanitarian needs. While there...

A ISIS Caliphate in South East Asia? An analysis

Is it plausible for ISIS to establish a new caliphate in the Southeast Asian region?. While the number of terrorist-related incidents has decreased over the years, the threat remains significant for ASEAN member states. These countries are already...